Thurlo Mishler Memorial

Thurlo Mishler Memorial

Oct 31, 2017, 7:53 PM |

      Hi everyone! This is my first blog post hope you enjoy.


I played in the Thurlo Mishler Memorial in the Arcadia Chess Club. Started out pretty bad in the beginning. Losing to an expert, drawing a 1700, LOSING to a 1700, but then I started to do better. In the first game I was paired up with Alex Gojich, and expert rated 2057. Here's our game.

My coach told me about the f5 thing, where I had to wait for white to play d5 before I play f5. I had a feeling I would win next round really easily, which I was, but a simple blunder made it a draw. We played a pretty sharp opening, the Najdorf. BUM BUM BUM!! He didn't know some Poisoned Pawn theory however, so I got ahead in the opening. But I could have been up an exchange but a careless mistake helped him get two knights for my rook and some pawns. He was only 1702 sad.png Here's our game.

I took a look at this with stockfish, and it was giving +3 before I played 18.0-0?? Other than that, I actually just know 6.Bg5 Najdorf theory because my dad saw the book somwhere on the Najdorf, he thought it was cheap, and he bought it. I don't study it too much though. It was written by John Nunn. The book is The Complete Najdorf: 6.Bg5
Next round, I played good, I almost had a winning position, but then, a costly blunder and a dubious sacrifice made me lose!! I was in a great position. This is the game where I lost a 1700. 


I was so dissapointed after the game. I was in such a good position, his pieces being misplaced. Then, I make this careless blunder which costs me the game. In the next round, I got my first win, yay! grin.png It was only against a 1400 though...surprise.png But I kind of got lucky, I was playing horrible, and then, he bangs the pieces and bangs the clock, thinking he's destroying me. But then, he blunders mate!! tongue.png I was so happy and in my mind I was hysterical. wink.png

This was not such a good game. I played pretty bad. When I was showing my coach this game, he was telling me I should have played 9.g4!, which does a lot of damage. This game got my hopes up and in the next game, I was destroying a 1900, but then I offered a draw. WHY DID I DO THAT?? I was so frustrated with myself after the game, and it was stuck in my head for the next two days. UGH!

 The next round was the final one. I knew I needed to win badly. I just didn't want to drop under 1800. So I was playing for a win. Luckily, I got paired up against a 1900 and won. WOW. He blundered so badly at one point, and so I won his queen and checkmated him. Here's the game.

I'm not sure where exactly I went wrong, (maybe I didn't) but I think it may have been Bxf6 which was wrong.


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed! happy.png