How to beat Computer 4-IMPOSSIBLE

Nov 20, 2014, 2:24 AM |

Maybe you've been told that the best way to beat comp 4 (or any other chess engine) is to close the position, make some kind of a fortress and slowly strangle it to death. In other words, try to play positionally, where computers fail to recognize long term plans, instead of playing open positions, where computers are super strong.  Well, let me tell you this would be the case with a strong engine i.e Houdini, Stockfish, etc (although nowadays they're so strong that even this strategy would be useless) but this one, Computer 4-IMPOSSIBLE (yes, despite its name) is very far from the top engines' level, and its biggest weakness (according to my experience) is to understimate mating attacks. The fact that this computer is programmed to move pretty much instantly may also play a role in this. Sometimes if the chess engines aren't given enough time to evaluate a position, they will give too much importance to the material balance in the position, instead of realizing that there are, for instance, serious threats to its king. So, even if this may seem counter-intuitive to you, just try to checkmate it!

Ok, this is too much talking, time to see some real action:


I encourage you to try the same, and also to analyse the game with a strong engine, to see how they take the bait sometimes. I hope you enjoyed it, and feel free to leave any comments!