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41st Green Bay Open

41st Green Bay Open

Jul 13, 2017, 8:15 PM 0

The 41st Green Bay Open was a good tournament for me. I tied for first for the first time in an open tournament of any size. In my first round I played well, and won a piece early on against my lower rated opponent. My second round was probably the most fun game I had at the tournament. It was against a fellow SACC (Sheboygan Area Chess Club) member and I won in 19 moves. 


Before you look at the game, see if you can do better than me in the critical position. 



 After this game I played another friend of mine Jon Prenot. I misjudged the opening and got myself in a awkward position. I was able to keep resisting when Jon miscalculated and let me win a piece for two pawns.


I then played for all the marbles in last round against an expert. Troy Zimmerman.


Here is another puzzle for those who want to try it out. This was a critical moment where I had to decide what to do about my d3 pawn.


 Overall this was a good tournament for me. I had a perform rating of 2450 and almost cracked 1900 USCF. Still a lot to work on. Hope you enjoy the games.

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