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A building burns in the noon sun. A boy lies in the building, people are screaming. The boy wakes up, looks at his surroundings, everything is burning. The boy yells but no words were coming out. He smells smoke; he inhales so much of the smoke that he begins to cough. Coughing and coughing, the boy lies still. Though his vision is blurry, he sees a man picking him up.

            After a couple of minutes the boy blacks out.

            People try to wake the boy, but to no avail: all he does is moan. Some of the people let out a sigh. All the people left except one left. The person was waking the boy. After a couple of minutes, the boy wakes up coughing. He looked around him seeing that he was not in the burning house but an tent. The person in his room looks like a healer or a cleric. He looked at the healer and tries to escape the tent. But in his mind a voice constantly said “A healer saves life boy, we are proud of them and they want our respect.” The boy sat down at the bed, the healer look at him curiously and went outside the tent. The boy sat there at the bed, being traumatized by his memories.

            His dad was yelling at the boy again. Yelling and yelling the boy’s father said. The boy’s mother was yelling at the father. The boy saw his father pulling a cudgel, and starting to walk towards the boy. The mother yelled “You will not hurt my boy.” The mother grabs the wine bottle. “Logan, run away! I deal with it.” Logan ran upstairs, hearing his mother screaming and his father screaming louder. A couple of seconds later, he heard a THUD, Logan knew his mother wouldn’t let him down. Logan went downstairs seeing his father butchering his wife. Wine spilled all over his body; he grabbed a stake and stabbed his wife stomach. Logan was shocked at the events that were happening. Logan’s dad began to laugh historical, he turn to go upstairs but was stopped by his dad cudgel by the neck.

            The tears down Logan face, the healer return with his uncle Beulno his gray hair swept back, his stubbed chin turning grey; his hair was blond. Beulno hates being old, once a couple of years he dyes his hair. Beulno and the healer sat down but Beulno but he put away his walking stick. The healer looks sad but Beulno face contains a smile. Logan tries to get up but can’t. His entire body is entirely paralyze, he command his arm to move but it wouldn’t nudge a inch. The healer spoke to Beulno “Your nephew spinal cord was badly damage by a blow of an cudgel or a hammer.” He paused then continues “The only hope for your nephew is we cast magic on him. The pain will be enormous; I can numb some of the pain with some of the herbs.” Beulno looks at Logan and nods. “Whatever weapon Jon used on Logan his nerves are nearly destroyed, the risk of dying is high. The healing magic will restore most of his nerves.” Beulno nods at the healer. The healer left at the nod, leaving some time alone with Beulno and Logan.

            Beulno tears coursing down his cheeks whispering “I wish I was there early to save you Logan.” Logan just look into his eyes only seeing guilt written on his face.

            “Uncle it is not your fault.” Logan said. The healer came back with his tools, the healer cuts the tent roof. The sunlight shines on Logan.

            The healer put on his spectacles and began to chant; Beulno began to move towards the healer but the healer made a hand gesture to stop. “Beulno, magiks is categorizes into two groups: external and internal magiks.”

            “What do you mean?”

            “External magi can use magiks from the surrounding to cast spells. Mainly from energy or heat itself.”

            “So, you mean …”

            “Your shadow is blocking the heat energy. I can’t cast any magiks until you move.”

            Beulno move to the corner of the room, when he reach the corner he said “What is ‘internal’ magik then?”

            “Internal magi use their own life force to cast their spells. But please Beulno, I need to get to work.” The healer begins to chant, a couple of seconds later his hands were glowing green to white. “Beulno put Logan face down.” Beulno rushed to Logan, putting him face down. The healer put his hands on Logan’s neck. Bone smashed into pieces. Logan screamed.

            “I thought healing magic was not supposed to hurt!” Beulno yelled at the healer; he tightened a fist to punch the healer. Logan still screamed; he tried to move his hands but they only nudge. The healer concentrated on the chanting. The more he chants, the more Logan screams, the more he nudges. The healer stopped chanting and Logan moves.





            Twilight: an orphan boy stands in the middle of his hideout. Every day, at twilight, any orphan that is living in this clan must pay a fee. The orphan boy was next in line to the White Phoenix guild master. The guild master was not a man to be treated lightly: every time a orphan didn’t pay his fee, he got beaten. The fee was usually 3 copper pinz for boys and 2 for girls.

            The orphan boy was next, but he didn’t have any on him.

            The guild master looked at the orphan boy. “Kyle, this is the fifth time you didn’t pay your dues. Beating you is getting old, so we need a special punishment for you.” The guild master turned away mumbling. “You two” he pointed to the nearest bodyguards “put him in the well.”

            The bodyguards hesitated, but then they grabbed Kyle by his arms and dragged him to the well. Kyle glared at the guild master as he passed by. The guild master noticed.

            “Glare all you want, that’s all you do. You are a piece of shit, who does nothing at all.” The guild master went over to Kyle and spat on his face. “You are nothing.”

            And then the guild master returned to pick on the next victim. But something caught his eye: a shadow was moving. He blinked, believing that his eyes were playing tricks on him. The bodyguards tossed Kyle down the well, but not before one produced something out his pocket. A loaf of bread.

            “Kyle, bet you’re hungry; ol’ man Aül ain’t know how hard for you little boys to find food and pay dues.” the bodyguard whispered. He gently put Kyle in the basket and pushed him down. “We’ll get you in the morning.”

            Kyle ate the bread, and ignored the cold water on his feet. Kyle put his feet on wall, thinking how to kill Aül. He wanted Aül to suffer before death. Kyle fell asleep because of the exhaustion.        



Chapter 1


            Logan was sitting in the park, watching his fiancée playing. Logan wants to play with Elizabeth instead of reading. It has been 6 months since the incident with his parents. Today was special day for Logan, it was his birthday. Logan turning 12 received a lot of gold and fine tunics. Logan received a old an ancient book from his uncle. Dërus The Fallen Emperor.  Dërus was a well liked man, he hates magic and loves the clash of arms. He made three artifacts Iudicium, Alpha and the Omega. The Iudicium, the Judgment Sword will shift into anything the user wants. Legend says that the Iudicium, said if you were cut an living thing off, it will not regenerate back. The Alpha and the Omega are twin daggers. The beginning and the end. The Alpha brings back life while it’s twin destroys life. Dërus was the last emperor due to his wife betrayal. Logan close the book and found that Elizabeth was lying down on his lap. Logan shook her lightly, she nudged. Logan found a canteen of water and splashed some water onto Elizabeth face. She shriek as she was surprise, wiping her face with a hankie. “Why did you do that for?”

             “Two reasons, it is impolite to sleep on your fiancée birthday and for fun.” Logan said. Revealing his green eyes under the brown hair. His pale skin is turning tan from all the heat from the sun. Logan went inside, to see that there was an instructor inside his house. Elizabeth followed Logan and attaches herself to his arm. The instructor looked surprise at Logan and Elizabeth. The instructor was about to speak until Logan spoke “Uncle, uncle, Uncle Beulno, there a person waiting for you.”

            Beulno was walking down the stairs seeing the instructor and then to Logan. “Logan I would like you to meet Marcus your sword instructor, he is my birthday gift to you.”

            Marcus sat up and extends his hands forward “Will you shake my hand Logan?” Logan grabbed the hand and shook his hand. “You need a more firm grip.” Marcus let go of his hand “Which way is the training room? Would you show me the way to there?”

Logan nodded and went past a couple of rooms, into an big open room. Marcus went straight for the swords. He examined them all. “The fourth sword is poorly tempered; the sixth hilt is too big.” He grabbed two wooden practice swords and tosses one to Logan.

            Logan caught the blade “Now what am I suppose to do with this?”

            “You fight boy.” Marcus closed the gap between them. He didn’t strike immediately, he let Logan sword come half way across. The wooden sword touches his shoulder and withdraws it back. “Did you finish the book” His face gesturing to the book he just finish. “In that book it forgot to mention that there was another artifact hidden.” Logan pause thinking, his sword went for a thrust but Marcus evade that “Dërus made the Reaper blade the Falx. The ability is similar to the Omega but not as powerful. The ability is that it can cut through anything you want and able to find immortality but not obtain it.  The sword, the daggers, the reaper blade makes a symbol. Dërus was the only person who brought them together and combined them.”

            Logan stopped , put his wooden sword away. “How many of theses artifacts were found?”

            Marcus scratch his head “The Alpha is definitely in a church, the Omega Gaet has it. The Legitimus is unknown right now. The Reaper blade, the Reaper has it.” Logan shot a questioning look at Marcus. “The only person who would create a Reaper blade would the Reaper himself. The Reaper is a mythical legend that harvest people souls.” He put his sword down and went to the restroom.

            As he left an shadow was out of place. Logan looking around seeing no one around him, he run straight for the shadow. The shadow spoke “Another step, and your life will be gone. Dead on your birthday will be terribly for your love ones.” Logan felt a tiny sensation on his neck “Don’t move, you have been poisoned. What I want you do is find Beulno heirloom and place it right were we meet.” The shadow tossed Logan the antidote and left. Logan drank the antidote and went straight into Beulno bedroom. He went inside, but check the hallways in case Beulno or Marcus is coming. He found an treasure box with a lock. Logan instead of coming out of the same way, he jumped out of the window landing on his feet. His feet were numb but he went straight for the shadow again. Logan place the box near the shadow and waited. Logan being paranoid he heard a voice behind him, he turned seeing Elizabeth calling him in. Logan turn seeing the box disappear, he couldn’t grasp on what is happening. He went inside finding Elizabeth was waiting for him. She was cold but glad Logan came.

            They both went inside finding Beulno purple with rage. “Where is the box Logan?” Logan looked dumbstruck. “Tell me where is he box?” Logan was on the verge to cry but didn’t.

            Logan stand up straight, bit his tongue “I don’t know Uncle.” Beulno looked away from Logan towards Elizabeth he was about to point finger to her. “Uncle I will not allow you to point finger at my fiancée, we didn’t steal your box. If you want to blame anyone Uncle, you blame yourself.”

            “You disobeying me, boy.” he shouted.    

            “Yes I am” Logan said, Beulno draw his mace and about to smash it at Logan. Logan made no effort to protect himself. “I will fight for what is right and wrong. I did not steal the box.” Beulno mace was about to smash his mace into an shadow appeared out of nowhere and struck Beulno, and Marcus.

            The shadow bend down and took the mace. “This is his family heirloom, an emerald, gold and diamond mace. I don’t need the documents boy. I need the mace.” Elizabeth starts to scream. “Marcus never put up a fight you know, scream one more time Elizabeth and that’s the last thing you do.” The shadow put the mace in his belt and draw out an white dagger inscribed with the letters Omega with an darken cross on the handle. Elizabeth was still screaming, the shadow jammed the dagger to Elizabeth stomach. Her life was gone. There is no life in her eyes, her heart was beating no more.

            Logan shock by the events “You’re Gaet aren’t you.”

            Gaet pulled back the shadows, his cloak revealing a man who is about thirty, dirty blond hair, he has stubbed chin. “It seems to me that legendary assassin’s are know to everyone now.”