Centotorri chess club tournament 2014-Part 1

Centotorri chess club tournament 2014-Part 1

Oct 8, 2014, 2:40 AM |

Hi all. This is my first attempt at a blog post, so criticism is very welcome (even criticism concerning spelling or grammar; I'm not a native english speaker and any correction is appeciated).

In this two-part series I will analyze the games played during the yearly internal tournament of my club (the winner becomes club champion for that year). My main aim is to force myself to analyze my games seriously (Botvinnik style) but I've also tried to make the annotations as instructional as I could for less experienced players. In particular I think that game two might be of some interest for lower rated players as it illustrates the basics of white's strategy in the french defence.

The games in this (still ongoing) tournament are not FIDE rated, and the time control is 1h/game without increment. At least for italian standards this is a very fast time control for a serious game (99% of the rated touraments here are played with 90 minutes/game+ a 30'' increment from move 1) and therefore you should not expect high quality games. 

Round 1: An undeserved win.

Being the 4th highest rated player in this 22-players tournament, my opponent in rould one was rated more than 400 points below me. However, thanks to a combiation of toughtless opening play on my part and a very consistent and solid parformance from my opponent, I was basically positionally lost in 10 or so moves. The tables were surprisingly turned when a promising-looking tactical blow from my opponent turned out to allow me unexpected counterplay.



Round 2: A french ending.

In round 2 I was paired with a 1800+ rated player which I had met many times before, including a painful defeat as black in last year's club tournament. In this game black handled the opening in a rather dubious way, allowing me to seize space on the kingside. He tryed to reduce the pressure by exchanging some pieces, but this left him with a typical french bad bishop in the ending. Overall I am pretty satisfyed with this game, and it's definitely my best effort in the first 3 rounds of the tournament. 

Round 3: The least deserved win ever?

In round 3 I was paired with a 2160+ rated national master, by far the highest rated played in the competition. I was determined to redeem myself after my humiliating loss against him in our only previous game (suffices to say that I played on out of embarassment until move 14 before resigning, but I was actually lost on move 10). My play was indeed marginally better than in out previous encounter: this time i was not dead lost by move 10, but rather by move 15. Well, it's still an improvement, isn't it?

However, when all seemed lost, my opponent blundered in time trouble and i found myself winning a game where I hardly made a single decent move. 


That's all for now; halfway through the tournament I stand on 3/3 (could easily have been 1/3...) in shared first place with my round 4 opponent, another national master. The second part should be out in about 3 weeks. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed my annotations! Any comment is appreciated!

(link to part 2:http://www.chess.com/blog/bresando/centotorri-chess-club-tournament-2014-part-2)