Bristol League Congress

Mar 28, 2009, 12:56 AM |

This match was with me (Grade 79) playing someone (Grade 105). I played my game well until move 19. I was white:

Another post will be made after round 2 but I'm taking a bye round 3. Then I will do rounds 4 and 5 on Sunday. Hope you read these then Smile



Round 2 came and boy did I lose. Winning by a pawn and position then blundering a knight. Here is the game. My opening disappeared a bit but I managed to claw back. I was black in this game.

This is part 1, had to go after doing this, will do the rest of the game tomorrow morning!





Here is part 2 of my second game:




There we go, as I took a bye in round 3, I have scored 0.5/3.Check up later for the final 2 rounds.