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Chipping Sodbury Rapidplay

May 31, 2009, 2:37 AM 4

On Saturday 30th May, I went to the Chipping Sodbury Rapidplay. Last year I got 0/6 and this year I definatlly didn't feel myself. I still went along for the fun of it, and me not feeling myself showed, with me getting 1/6 overall with that point from a bye. The games I played are probably incomplete, as in every game (bar the last 1 which I didn't write down) I went into time trouble. It took me longer to look at my moves that day than most days. The time was only 25mins each, and I played someone Grade 90 in Rnd 1. As the tournament went on, I felt as though I got worse. Still, here is my 1st game:

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