Hereford Congress Game 1 PGN DIED, UPDATE COMING SOON

Sep 11, 2009, 11:52 AM |

Hi y'all!!!!! I went to Hereford bank holiday weekend with OpeningGambit to compete in the Hereford congress :D!!! The time ontrol was 1h 30mins in 36 moves, then clocks go back 15mins to finish the game.

I had a hard game against J.fursman in round 1, who bluechessmaster (good person who has brought me to where I am in chess at the moment :D) had played a couple of times, and I will add he said that he had a very locked and hard game. So gulp!!! Here is Round 1:

So 0/1, but a very good, solid game from me, I was on a very good high going into round 2!!!