Unsportsmanlike conduct

Unsportsmanlike conduct

Jan 7, 2017, 5:43 PM |

Having only been at chess.com for about a month, I'm not an expert on what it is to be unsportsmanlike here, but a couple of players I feel have been unnecessarily rude.  It's only two, out of hundreds of opponents I've played.  So while I don't want to blow it out of proportion, I feel it's worth noting.

Yesterday, one player started taunting me in comments as soon as the game got going.  I ignored the comments and didn't respond.  Finally, before the game was over, I responded by saying he was acting like a jerk.  He laughed and said he knew.  Foolishly, I agreed to his rematch request (I say "his" because he had a male username).  He let the abort clock run down on the rematch and commented just before time ran out that that was him being a jerk. He offered another rematch and I rejected it.

Today, another player made lame comments after a game was over and left a nasty note on my profile. The comments said that I was a "sore loser" and "terrible."  Trying to be fair and open to suggestions, I asked what he meant by sore loser and he said that I didn't resign before he beat me, that I was letting the clock run down.

Personally, I find it annoying when people quit games early, when they don't like the way the board looks or have lost their queen.  I feel like there's often hope even when it looks like you're down, and I've won a number of games after having lost my queen.  I've seen several players who are aggressive early on and then rough, to say the least, in the end game and don't know how to finish, leaving multiple opportunities for comebacks. Of course, I'm not beyond resigning if it is apparent that my opponent knows how to close a game and it is clear that I'm outmatched on the board with lots of time left on the clock.

In this game today, he captured my queen relatively early, but I persisted and ended up capturing his queen.  If I had resigned as soon as he captured my queen, I would have never gotten his.  With just :43 seconds left on his clock, he managed to get a second queen. Otherwise, we were reasonably fairly matched, after we had both captured each other's queens. I didn't resign after he got his second queen, but he was able to beat me in another 15 seconds on his clock, with :28 remaining. 

So, was he that mad that he had to play another 15 seconds while I tried to see if a stalemate was possible or he ran out of time, or because I didn't resign early in the game as soon as he captured my one and only queen? If anything, he seemed like a sore winner.  How does someone come off of a winning game so angry?

As for today's comment about the clock, I thought that was kind of the point of clock games, you have to beat your opponent in under the time allotted or you lose.  Both sides face the same time limit danger.  Seems odd to complain about the clock in a timed live chess game. Play "daily chess" if the clock makes you mad.

Digging around through settings here, I found that you can limit notes to friends only and set mine to that so strangers can't leave false info on my wall.  If I run into too many more taunters, I'll probably lock down comments as well, but most people here, if they do comment, are decent about it, so I don't want to limit that (yet).

Anyway, just wanted to get that off of my chest.  I'm open to feedback if you think my understanding of protocol and etiquette here is not 100%, but I really don't think I did anything that was being a sore loser, and outright taunting is just lame.