The first game and the first lose in the league! :P

Dec 24, 2011, 5:02 AM |

Ok, it is Saturday and I'm going to show you a game I played against QueensCounselor on 18-th December as the first game in my first tournament in league. I'm sorry for delay in showing it as the game was started at 12:00 ICC time and finished afther few hours - in a quite deep night by Moscow time (GMT +4), so I hadn't any chance to comment it right away as I had to go to work after a few hours of sleep:P And also, I usually am quite tired after a work day to force myself to comment a game, so that is why the game posted only today.

I wasn't in need of some kind of preparations before the game as I had White and as I only play 1. f4 it really doesn't matter of my opponent's reply.

Here we go!