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The Fried Liver Attack

and how to block it lol happy.png 


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I found this...https://www.chess.com/forum/view/chess-openings/how-to-stop-fried-liver-attack...but that’s not what the whole post is about hah.


Let’s see, the Fried Liver Attack is sometimes called the Fegatello Attack.


 White  ~  Black
e4   ~  e5
Nf3  ~  Nc6

 Bc4  ~  Nf6
Ng5  ~  d5
 exd5  ~  Nxd5?!

 Hmmm. From Wiki we see, “

This is the Two Knights Defense where White has chosen the offensive line 4.Ng5, but Black's last move is risky (other Black choices include 5...Na5, 5...b5, and 5...Nd4). White can now get an advantage with 6.d4 (the Lolli Attack). However, The Fried Liver Attack involves a knight sacrifice on f7, defined by the moves:

6. Nxf7 Kxf7” (Wikipedia) 


Basically, this is one of the most aggressive openings becuase you are sacrificing minor pieces very early in the chess game. It is EXTREMELY difficult to defend, but there are ways...(Like d5 for example. It blocks the bishop so it cannot be sacrificed) White is sacrificing the bishop for a strong attack on the black king. Thus, Black does not want to be in this position as black’s king is getting attacked the whole game. 


To block, there is an amazing refutation here, https://www.chess.com/forum/view/chess-openings/my-refutation-to-the-fried-liver


Have a happy day! The Fried Liver Attack is fun to play as white, but sometimes black might get the upper hand so be careful! grin.png

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