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Giuoco Piano


Hey guys! Catniss has somehow found time again! Somehow. happy.png So how are you guys? Still drunk from leftover chocolate from Easter? wink.png  Lol, I hope not. So is everyone having a good day, today? (*awkward silence) Oh well, let’s just get on with the Giuoco Piano. tongue.png (*Everyone Cheers) Ok, now before all of you die from boredom, 




There is as usual, an intro!!!


Some quick facts. The Giuoco Piano is probably on the oldest openings in chess. This opening is also sometimes called the “Quiet Game” (*snorts, it’s anything BUT quiet) and it’s also called the Italian Opening. It starts like this, 


White  ~  Black 

e4   ~   e5

Nf3   ~   Nf6

Bc4   ~   Bc5


Wikipedia also says there are alternatives, 

“Common alternatives to 3...Bc5 include 3...Nf6 (the Two Knights Defence) and 3...Be7 (the Hungarian Defence). Much less common are 3...d6 (the Semi-Italian Opening), 3...g6, 3...Nd4 (the Blackburne Shilling Gambit), and 3...f5 (the Rousseau Gambit).” 


This opening is not very quiet, as said earlier. There are so many exchanges in the middle of the board for central control after the build up of many pieces. After the exchanges, more space will have freed up. This opening is very hard to play and I suggest you look at the alternatives, too. 


Best of luck trying out this opening! wink.png


-xoxo catnisscossette