Merry Christmas--I'd like to email you a gift

Dec 9, 2010, 12:44 PM |

Dear Chess Opponents,

I’d love to send you a gift copy of one of my Amazon Kindle books, either The Evil that Men Do or The Juror Hangs. This includes the multitudes of you have beaten me, although I especially want to thank the few of you who have permitted me to beat you, as well as erik, kohai, and the staff who have put up with my irritating complaints and problems.

You don’t need a Kindle ebook reader to take advantage of this. All you need is the free download of the Kindle app for your PC, SmartPhone, or iPhone (available at

Please email me at with your preference of title. I will send you the gift link in a reply email.

(At least, I think that’s how it will work. I haven’t tried this before. But Amazon promises me it should be easy for me to do.)


Catherine Mambretti