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end of a great Season

May 1, 2009, 6:00 PM 0

well i can't image that our chess season is over and that we are losing Glendon one of our varsity players that had come a long way this year being that it was his first year on the team because he moved to New Jersey. but hey we will miss him and his jokes and this ones for Glendon " 10 Second man" we sure had a laugh about that one didn't we. but anyway back to the end of a great season, we went to super nationals in Nashville tenn and our board 1 took 22 and the under 800 took 15th out of 50 other teams which is really great. i just can believe that the season has ended and that we have to get ready for next year and find a replacement for Glendon (unless your failing which is really hard because your asian man HAHA Joke that our team has wit him) but really we are going to miss Glendon because he really made the team stronger this year and gave us all good laughs. we game close to winning it all this year, so now i say oakcrest wins it all next year and makes our coaches proud, even though they are already proud of us. Just like our coach says " WE ARE THE TEAM TO BEAT AND THERE ISN'T ONE TEAM THAT WE CAN'T BEAT." So what im trying to say is that we did a great job this year and we are going to do an even better job next year. Glendon we'll miss you man come vist us when ever you get the chance.

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