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Alexander Alekhine

Alexander Alekhine

Feb 8, 2010, 7:22 PM 11

Alexander Alekhine:

I have been distant from chess competitions for the past year or so and getting back into the program of studying has been a interesting challenge. It is  not like when I began playing chess that I would simply pick up any book and begin reading even if I didnt understand what was being explained; the act of slamming the pieces and seeing "cool" moves was incredibly entertaining for me.
Today I have more challenges and responsibilities. I am more cautious as to what to spend time on, I dont want to make a mistake in studying the wrong things. Time is a factor and like everyone, there are certain norms of society that some one my age has to meet, and there are also the norms that I will have to meet in the coming years.
I have decided to choose a practical activity for my chess studies: the study of Master Games.
The games collection of the 4th world champion is highly recommended by many, and it was in my to do list of chess activities when i left chess. choosing to study master games, is a very practical system that covers every aspect of the game, but also lets you know the thoughts of in this case a genius.
I share with you some comments from Alekhine, myself, and the best chessplayer in the world according to chess personalities, Rybka.
when I choose the analysis of Rybka, i always choose the most instructive, because its the one that helps me embed this game into my memory.
this is Alexander Alekhines 1st game from his monumental work: "My Best Games of Chess, 1908 - 1937" 
charles galofre


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