Become an IM (International Master)

Become an IM (International Master)

FM CharlieDroids
Jan 14, 2015, 6:54 PM |

Would you be interested in becoming a master in chess an expert or international master? I'm currently rated 2300 my highest rating was 2364 fide. I have one of the best propositions there are right now in chess lessons. Here's the deal you help me become an IM and I help you become an expert or master in chess. So what's the catch and how does that work? Well basically we would do what is called or referred to as a group buy which is another term for a purchase of lessons by a group of people it's the equivalent of a chess club hiring a coach.


So initially I would be the one taking the lessons I would record the lessons and then I would ship you the lessons in DVD the very next day. I have experience working with video and DVD authoring and have the resources to print the DVDs on demand.


I could also alternatively make the lessons viewable as a download or by way of a YouTube channel but either/or I would prefer the DVD because eight hours of lessons can  be allocated on to a DVD and you  keep the exclusivity of the lessons.


In essense I am looking for 10 students that would like to join me in taking the lessons. Personally, I think this is an opportunity of a lifetime, because I would personally (fm charles galofre) do the scouting for the coach, I would pre-select what I would want the coach to teach me, and you get to see me develop as a player and as a result get nurtured and educated the same pedigree I am by way of my best interest in becoming an IM as soon as... that happens. essentially, in 2 years.

So what are the details and what is the cost?

Cost: $129 a month

What does that get you: 10 (ten) hours of high level instruction of a GM and a FM consulting over structured chess positions on a monthly basis. You get these consultations on a DVD monthly. ideally every friday.

Last, I will consult with you unlimited (within reason ofcourse) the material we went over with the coach. So I am helping you in between lessons... 


I think this idea rocks. 

If you would like to be a participant leave a comment and email me: I will send you all the details once we reach 10 members.