Chess Position Trainer 4 Pro

Chess Position Trainer 4 Pro

FM CharlieDroids
Aug 4, 2012, 5:12 PM |

I have some extra time lately and given that I have not been playing chess too often I at times think of all the fun and pleasure that I use to get from spending endless hours playing 5-min chess and sequentially F-keying through databases of games. With that said, because I have some extra time I decided to develop a opening repertoire, more precisely to follow the recommendations of the Quality Chess publication. They have their Grandmaster Repertoire series and I am reading along their 3 volume coverage on the english opening by Mihail Marin (GM) together with Lars Schandroffs coverage of the caro kann for black.

I feel compelled to do this with this short spurt of time that I have avaiable because I value speed chess when I know what I am doing in certain openings, and when I feel like my games can some how constructively contribute something while being played or atleast be cohesive enough not to be disheartning.

Unfortunately it involves the heavy task of transferring the series of books on to digital format.

To sooth the pain, there is a new version out of chess position trainer, which is a neat program that helps  you practice the recollection of your openings and grades you in the process.... similar to flashcard training techniques, but also virtually interactive like playing under a chess interface.

if you have the opportunity check the program out, it is hard to find some one who is not a ardent supporter of CPT specially! if your an openings geek like me.

you can take a look at the features here: