Chess Training with Rybka - Introduction

Chess Training with Rybka - Introduction

FM CharlieDroids
Nov 20, 2012, 10:45 AM |

hey guys!

its been a long time, i havent done a chess video or played a tournament chess game for about 3 years. I was looking to start training again after losing a job recently. any how, as stated in the video ive been wanting to train but my training needs to be more focused.

I started doing these videos together as a titled player with greg shahade and the youtube celebrity jrobi. At the time the videos I was doing was live lessons, but now I have a different idea which is to do assisted training while learning a repertoire. The idea rocks!

Basically, we choose a repertoire, all following the principles of my “mastering chess fast” concept and then we play games in handicap mode vs. rybka from the analysis of the chess opening we are choosing ( like a chessbase trainer DVD).

Super hardcore J

After 50-100 games vs rybka we should play the positions in our repertoire better than our OTB opponents J


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