Good and Bad Bishops

Good and Bad Bishops

FM CharlieDroids
Jan 6, 2010, 6:39 PM |

Chess can be so challenging that two players of the same strength can look at the same piece and assign it a completely different value!

We look at a piece and our outlook of it is completely different.

In the case of Bishops, what is essential to understand is that some can be labeled good, and others bad. Now how can such simplicity, be confused? Here are some statements:

“the difference between good and bad bishops lay in attack” – Euwe.

“A good bishop is one which is the same color as the squares on which the enemy pawns placed, whilst a bad bishop is one which is restricted by its own pawns” – Pachman


My personal favorite, is Khalifman’s view point, that a bad bishop, no matter how bad is still better than a knight J

Here are some examples:


Thank you for reading.