Review: How to Reassess Your Chess, Fourth edition

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Jun 22, 2011, 11:01 AM |

Review: How to Reassess Your Chess, Fourth edition by IM Jeremy Siliman


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This evaluation is made for the 4th AND Last Version for this book How to Reassess Your Chess, Fourth edition . I actually do own an slightly older 3rd edition to boot, and so I will review both of them. There are several reviews discussing the grade of this particular publication (older versions included), and so I rate the book 5 stars due to its written content. Nonetheless, I’m not really in this article to enter fine detail with that, but instead target the discrepancies involving editions.

The book subject matter comprise the next few elements: The Concept with Imbalances. Minor Pieces, Rooks, Psychological Meanderings, Target Consciousness, Statics vs. Dynamics, Space, Passed Pawns, as well as other Imbalances. Each and every portion is actually additionally categorised straight into main features and is also worked out using a brief summary as well as test questions.

The top distinctions amongst editions…Now you have an big book, much bigger along with two hundred and fifty pages lengthier compared to the third edition. The design and dimensions are identical to Silman’s Complete Endgame Course: From Beginner To Master. Bigger printing plus much more white space – I have found it is then incredibly easier to read through. The actual graphic artist ought to be praised. This 4th copy moves a lot more detailed (!!) concerning the idea of imbalances and also directing yourself to the proper plan. The primary concept is equivalent to the actual older versions, however Silman provides it with a brand new feel along with up to date ideas as well as Brand new samples. Silman blogs it himself, the guy “literally wrote this fourth edition from scratch”. An additional massive change could be the inclusion regarding Chess Psychology, ninety pages long! Silman boasts a number of these concepts have not already been noticed in any kind of chess book prior to. The actual 4th edition doesn’t incorporate a Basic Endgames part similar to his third version. I really believe it’s got no room within this book in any case and it is dealt with in greater detail within the earlier mentioned work! He trimmed this specific part along with other areas that “sidetracked on the book’s main objective: practising the imbalances”.

Silman highly suggests this particular publication intended for USCF ranked 1400-2100. And I Also totally agree!