Review of: Art of Attack in Chess by Vladimir Vukovic

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Jun 24, 2011, 10:52 AM |

Review of: Art of Attack in Chess by  Vladimir Vukovic

Dr. John Nunn managed to do more than simply revise an excellent algebraic notation on the timeless classic Art of Attack in Chess by Vukovic: he has reviewed Vukovic’s authentic annotation together with authentic analysis which in turn demonstrates that possibly even for grandmasters “chess can occasionally be challenging.” Vukovic’s publication continues: he provides a thorough discourse on the art of attack, expounding the standard key points and the most sophisticated methods of the attack around the castled king.

Chapter. One talks about “The actual Attack Up Against The Uncastled King.” Chapter. Two “The Assault Upon The King Which Has Lost The Ability To Castle.” Chapter Three “Concerning Castling As well as Targeting The Castled Position In General.” Chapter. Four “Mating Patterns.” Chapter.Five “Focal Points.” Chapter. Six “The actual Timeless Bishop Sacrifice” (which includes intriguing insights from Nunn. Chapter.Seven “Ranks, Files, As well as Diagonals Within The Invasion Over The Castled King.” Chapter.Eight “Pieces Plus Pawns With The Attack Over The Castled King.” Chapter. Nine “Specific Infiltration Over The Fianchettoed Together with Q Side Castling Positions” Chapter.Ten “Guarding Up Against The Breach Over The Castled King.” Chapter. Eleven “All of the Stages Belonging To The Attack Upon TheCastled King.” Chapter. Twelve “The actual Attack Over The King As A Possible Fundamental Element Of The Game.” Vukovic demonstrates his particular concepts by way of comprehensive observations on traditional games portrayed as a result ofCapablancaAlekhine, and other great players of the time such as Tarrasch, as well as Lasker, etc. It is deemed an uncomplicated book to read through, a challenging one to be able to excel at. Myself, There’s no doubt that research of any guide that fit this description is going to be seriously worth considerably more than for instance trying to remember just one more opening.


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