The U.S. Class, and some games...

The U.S. Class, and some games...

FM CharlieDroids
Jul 20, 2009, 7:28 PM |

So I finally decided to play a tournament after a break from chess, and the event was the ever impressive U.S. Class Championship (what? lol). I cannot recall if I have played in the US Class before, but this year it was held at the Marriot in Boca Raton, Florida and for those of you who are not from down here Boca Raton is considered to be one of the higher end cities from Southern Florida.

The tournament attracted a fair amount of chessplayers and it inspired a good participation in the Open section including two local GM's (!! or thank god @ "local") Julio Becerra, and Colombian Gildardo Garcia. Other titled players included IM Blas Lugo,FM Fabio La Rota, myself, and about a half dozen Masters...

The biggest upset of the tournament was the game between Garcia and La Rota, where the Colombian FM managed to win the game and was leading the tournament with Julio Becerra  after that round.

In the end, Becerra was the clear winner with 4.5/5 ( Congrats! Julio :) )


Here are a couple of games of mine from the event:












Creatively speaking I enjoyed my first game although I did not convert a pawn adv in a rook endgame :/




The second game is possibly my most interesting loss... my calculation error was to play Rd8 rather than Bd7 first...I thought I had to protect the bishop, therefore the nuance Rd8... Troy proved otherwise although I feel he lucked out by finding Nxf7! after which I have to enter an endgame a pawn down...  My mistake overall I feel was to play an opening where all of my opponents moves are natural moves.. Next time I think I will play something a little more demanding ;)













And last, my most interesting win:













You could find the standings, and games in the following links:  and