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5e/2c/1e - checkmate!

May 11, 2008, 8:05 PM 0

I like a good game of chess as much as I like a good cup of java jo; but sometimes they both leave me wondering what I did wrong....It's been a few days since I accepted that compromising on my morning brew was not a good thing; but recently I'm left in a quandary about an online chess game I played.  My opponent moved the queen to position 5e. I had a pawn on space 2e and my king on 1e.  I presumed my king was safe as it was completely surrounded by pawns.  And then....out of the clear blue.....blind-sided without a clue...I read "game over."  But why? What did I do or in this case fail to do? Any advice.... much apreciated! 

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