Africa Chess Club is formed on
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Africa Chess Club is formed on

Jan 15, 2018, 2:36 AM |

On the 8th of January 2018 the Africa Chess Club on was formed. The main goal of the club is very simple, to promote chess in Africa. We strongly believe that online chess can play a big role in getting more people to play chess. Online chess makes it easier for people to play chess. It is not always convenient or possible to get a real chess board and play a game but with a mobile device or computer, it can be done in a matter of seconds or minutes with

A growing chess club

At the time of writing this article the club had less than 70 members,  just over a week since formation but given the number of chess players in Africa there is no way we can be happy with such a tiny figure. We know there must be hundreds of thousands of chess players so the sky is the limit in terms of growth for the club. We look forward to hosting and running tournaments on that will attract African chess players in their hundreds if not thousands.

We have beginners and experienced players at the Africa Chess Club, old and young players, International Masters (IM)s, Candidate Masters (CMs) and potential grandmasters. At the end of the day this game we love so much is connecting so many of us. 

Thank you has been extremely helpful in getting us to set up our very own chess club on the platform. The club will be able to run its own tournaments for its members as well as to play other clubs on

Tournaments with prizes coming up
Starting this week there will be tournaments where members of of our club and social media groups, will be able to take part and win prizes. If you are an African chess player and wish to join our club, please follow this link. I look forward to seeing you at the Africa chess club on

After all as the FIDE Motto goes, Gens una sumus; We are one people