Opening Fundamental - King Pawn Opening

Opening Fundamental - King Pawn Opening

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Opening Fundamentals



The game of Chess is been divided into Three stages


1.      Opening


2.      Middle game


3.      Endgame




There are various openings in Chess and tons of Chess Opening theory. Chess players select the openings according to their tastes and few players choose the opening which their favourite Chess players implements in their own game. Well, there may be various Chess openings but the Opening fundamental remains the same. Yes, there are few openings which may deviate from some of the general principles of opening, but that deviation is usually for the fulfillment of another principle of Opening. Most of the reputed Chess Openings are based on the following general principles of Opening.




General Principles of Opening




1.      Centre Control


2.      Development


3.      Avoid premature development of Queen


4.      Avoid moving same pieces again and again






1.      Centre Control – Centre control means to control the centre square i.e. e4,e5,d4 and d5 square of Chess board with the help of pawns and pieces. It has been said by many Chess masters that “Control the Centre and you control the game”. A good centre control also makes it possible for the player in the middle game to decide and shift the Attack on King Side or Queen Side according to the situation. One more thing to remember that in certain positions of flank attack by the opponent it is usually recommended to play on the Centre of the board.




2.      Development – Development means getting your pieces out from its initial condition. The pieces should be developed in such a manner, such that it increases the centre control. For example Knight on f3 helps to control d4 and e5 squares.




3.      Avoid premature development of Queen – This means Queen should not be developed too early or you should not bring queen out too early in the game. Yet in few openings like in Scandinavian, queen is developed too early but as mentioned earlier, in few opening one of the principles is broken for fulfillment of another principle. In most of the cases the premature development of queen is considered bad as Queen can be a soft target for minor pieces and saving queen from that attacks can often help to get a lead in development.




4.      Avoid moving same pieces again and again – This is a very logical principle, say one player is moving his same pieces again and again in the opening, while his opponent is developing different pieces, thus another player would get a lead in development resulting into a plus position.



 Lets have a look at first 6 moves of one of the King pawn Opening,


Giuoco Piano - Kanal Variation, with the reason behind each and every move





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