December Untitled Tuesday
Credit to MGleason

December Untitled Tuesday

Dec 6, 2017, 2:26 PM |

Hey, so since you are reading this, I am assuming you know what the Untitled Tuesday is. But, if you don't, let me brief you on the details. So @MGleason thought, there is Titled Tuesday, why isn't there Untitled Tuesday? So he made this, it is 10 rounds and starts soon after each Titled Tuesday. There is also a Saturday event, for the people that can't make it to the Tuesday event. We are doing a tour, that ends after Saturday's event. So the reason I am writing this because I WON the event this month, crazy right? Anyway, lets get down to the games.

So that was a horrible start, however, in my defense, they are around my USCF rating and are probably very underrated in blitz. 

Nice game by me I guess. The sac works again. 

This game was revenge for me, because a couple months ago in Untitled Tuesday this good player beat me. 

Nice win! This was also revenge for me because this player also beat me in the last Untitled Tuesday!

So there is my first blown game, more to come. 

Fairly quick win, so I got some rest and watched the other games.
Another quick game and some more rest.
Great! now I have 7/8, the round before this player lost to @Schachmasteo who was now tied for first with 7/8 and we would be playing each other. 
Now I was up by like one tiebreak but if we both won it would still be close and it could be anyone's game.
Please note that I have not looked at any of these games with engines yet. I ended up barely winning the tournament on tiebreaks, this was a crazy tournament for sure! So I blundered a lot, but still won the tournament somehow...... I blew 2 won games and got lucky for one game and drew. This tournament really helped my rating as well! Here are the final standings: