Chess Exhibition and Self Publishing A Book

Sep 1, 2010, 3:06 PM |

Having just witnessed a chess exhibiton I realize I love a good game, but I don't love 45. It feels good to really think about each move, and if I play because otherwise I'll run out of time, at 10pm when I'm knackered, for 10 boards, I find just how unlike a grand master playing 10 games simultaneously I really am. I play as though there was  a clock running out. My mind doesn't get a chance to play with the alternatives. Interestingly I'm self publishing a book on this later this month with my book publishers.

So I'll play a maximum of 3 games at a time and see how I go. How about you? How do you remember what you were thinking if you're playing 15 games? Lots of you do, after all.