Nov 13, 2017, 8:30 PM |

News. November 18 2017 Saturday. Good morning school 44 champions_club have open new classes for members participate and find more answers and tactics in game of chess. 

News. November 16 2017 Thursday. Gary Sorkin owner champions_club adding four new accounts making eleven profiles and using only one account playing chess in school.  

News. November 7 2017 Tuesday. Making more games interesting our club invited Rochade Europa -Schachzeitung for new games. 

News. November 2 2017 Thursday. Building tribute in champions_club for people who earn title playing full-time making difference improving our site helping others showing good games and them can friend in your profile. 

News. November 1 2017 Wednesday. TMCL chess entertainment pictures and comments. Welcome friends in profile reading finding learning is task for many people regularly games continue play too them can be find in clubs thumbnails with picture clubs logo free and open for public.

News. November 1 2017 Wednesday. Club has started first classes SCHOOL 44 presenting games time values and more for many friends who trying learning beginning chess moves tactics. Entering thumbnail school choose register in club and pick up classes you think is best. 

News. October 31 2017 Tuesday. Friends and neighbors today month of October date when owner this club Gary Sorkin born in October 11 1973 in City Gomel. Happy Birthday he 44 years of age. I am fine, he say. Happy what people know date of birth and give thoughts in what we live similar life and pursuing similar goals. Good time have come in our life, season changing opinion changing colors, too temperature beginning for cooling time entering month of November. Thank you Gary Sorkin 

News. October 29 2017 Sunday. Club, SCHOOL 44 champions_club have open classes playing chess on line and open doors for members and friends visitors, participate and learn in games chess. Thinking if there place for you or friend access link above, or register in club. Invitation free in club, experience continue learning and exercise game, staying in club having good time and learning chess. School challenge and play chess continue build it reputation in world better place. Thank you 

News. October 27 2017 Friday. Champions_Club vs Team Puerto Rico and Olivari friends! Hello friends, members. Event begin November 30 2017 Thursday 1:00PM. Club, Team Puerto Rico and Olivari friends! have challenged our club today and welcome visiting, registering or visit, access for game link above. Auto Start can activate when members filled seat. Registration closed 10/18/2017. Super Admin Gary Sorkin.

News. October 19 2017 Thursday. Chess4All League 2017 Hello friends and members. Club, Chess4All have make tournament for use participate in League 2017 games in chess. Tournament will  playing, please access links. I am playing in this tournament under my other profile " akokda " can be observed in admins champions_club. Registration closed 10/20/2017. Round 1 - Group 17 Sincerely, Super Admin Gary Sorkin.

 News. September 29 2017 Friday. Hello friends we have some news in our club apparently this news have says about this two clubs where no long ego playing and game was lost, match were lost on date 9/28/2017 Thursday. Owner one club, Gary Club, have closed his account-club and reopen new. Games where interesting, he comments; Games where more then life, where someone can express and meant in simple life day; Communities ore schools do talk about often, and what have games are important for use, too. He resign. And club Philippine Critical Movers Won the Match. Sincerely, Super Admins Gary Sorkin.