25 Tactics a Day Keeps the Mate Away

25 Tactics a Day Keeps the Mate Away

Feb 22, 2012, 8:55 AM |

25 Tactics a Day Keeps the Mate Away

As a basic member on chess.com, you are entitled to 25 tactical problems on its tactics trainer.  The tactics trainer on chess.com is designed to drill you with chess problems at your level.  Your tactical level, also based on an ELO scoring system, is determined by the degree of difficulty of the tactic and the speed at which you can complete the problem.  With each tactic, you will recognize similar tactical situations to gain an advantage within your game.  You also have the option to tag the tactic.  I find this helpful because it tests my comprehension of each tactic, so not only are you asked to recognize the advantage, you can also try to recognize each tactic by name. 

These tactics include:

  1. Attacking Castled King
  2. Attacking f7/f2
  3. Back Rank
  4. Basic Checkmates
  5. Clearance Sacrifice
  6. Decoy / Deflection
  7. Defense
  8. Desperado
  9. Discovered Attack
  10. Double Check
  11. En passant
  12. Endgame tactics
  13. Exchange Sacrifice
  14. Fork / Double Attack
  15. Hanging Piece
  16. Interference
  17. Mate in 1
  18. Mate in 2
  19. Mate in 3+
  20. Overloading
  21. Pawn Promotion
  22. Perpetual Check
  23. Pin
  24. Queen Sacrifice
  25. Remove the Defender
  26. Sacrifice
  27. Simplification
  28. Skewer
  29. Smothered Mate
  30. Stalemate
  31. Trapped Piece
  32. Underpromotion
  33. Vulnerable King
  34. Windmill
  35. X-Ray Attack
  36. Zugzwang
  37. Zwischenzug

How many of these tactics can you recognize and define?  Are there any missing from this list?  Which ones are your favorite?    

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