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To Wisconsin

Jun 17, 2009, 8:34 PM 0

My 5th plane ride and im just sitting in the airport excited finally after waiting for a while we got on the plane and took off it was awsome. We got to Wisconsin we got a rental car and drove off to our hotel just me and my grandma and grandpa while we where driving we went buy a football stadium and a lot of people came to visit the game. when we got to our hotel we got our stef unpacked then we went to find dinner. After dinner we went back to our hotel and went to bed. Everyone wakes up early but I don't. We went to have breakfest then it was off to the Great Lake Michigan. then we went to lunch then back to our hotel till dinner. Day 3 we go to the measuem and look at the dinosaurs and to go and see a movie in 3D. Day 4 and we wanted to go and see the science measuem but we got lost and we finally found it but we only had an hour left. After the measuem we went on a dinner cruise which lasted about 2 3 hours. Fiday we left thank goodnes it was freezing like a frozen ice rink. Well where on our way home back to Prosper, TX where I belong.

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