Christine's Blog

I'm posting my over-the-board games here mostly to force myself to analyze them more deeply, but also because I'd love feedback on them if anyone has it to offer.

    • Crosstable for Ames Scholastic Tournament Unrated Section

      No.   Name                   Pts   Rnd1  Rnd2  Rnd3  Rnd4    Rnd5 1     Prasanna, Varun        5.0   W14   W28   W7    W5      W2 2     Gibson, Jamison        4.0   W10   W9    W1... | Read More

    • Chicago Open 2014

      I've been looking forward to the Chicago Open for a long time.  I had registered for the U1300 section, and was still eligible, since my published rating was 1250.  I felt pretty confident, though, as my "real" rating was over 1400.  Alas, any ... | Read More

    • Ice Harbor Parents and Friends 2014

      Ana and I have been looking forward to Ice Harbor for a long time.  It was a really fun tournament last year, especially since it's held at a hotel with a water park, so splashing between rounds is a distinct possibility.  It was fun again this ... | Read More

    • Junior High Nationals Parents and Friends

      Ana and I flew to Atlanta for Junior High Nationals last weekend, even though I was still recovering from pneumonia and probably shouldn't have gone.  I was glad we went, though, because Ana tied for third in the K-9 U1250 section, and won the se... | Read More

    • Iowa Class D Championship

      I'm rated below Class D, but thought I'd take my chances and play in the Class D championship this year.  I ended up coming in second.  This is a long blog...because they were GOOD games...the kind where people said to me, "You WON?" afterwards.... | Read More

    • Broken Pawn Reserve

      I'm about a month late posting my games from the Broken Pawn Reserve, held in Marshalltown on February 8.  It's been a busy month.  What a fantastic tournament this was!  Great games (even though I lost three of four, I was happy with my play o... | Read More

    • Cedar Rapids Leather Jackets

      Ana and I decided to play in the Cedar Rapids Leather Jackets Reserve this year.  A number of factors made this an interesting tournament.  First, my four-year-old was sick the night before, and had to sleep in our bed.  This meant that I got e... | Read More

    • Wisconsin Action

      Ana and I traveled to Madison, Wisconsin yesterday on the advice of Jim Hodina, who thought it would be fun to play out-of-state against people we're not used to playing.  He was right - it was fun!  It was the first tournament I've been to that... | Read More

    • WDM Parents and Friends

      Ana decided to play in Hank's tournaments today, even though she knew she would be higher-rated than the other players...she wanted an outright win in one of his tournaments, and by golly she got one in the morning section.  I thought I'd TD the ... | Read More

    • Susan Polgar Simul Game

      Here's the game I played against Susan Polgar in the simul at the Susan Polgar World Open for Boys and Girls. | Read More