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I played in the Parents and Friends section at SuperNationals while my daughter played in the K-12 U1200 section.  When I first entered the room, they announced there would be two sections: open and U1500.  I was thrilled - I thought I'd have excellent chances in a U1500 tourney.  But after a pairings mishap, they announced that there would be THREE sections: open, U1700, and U1200.  My published rating right now is 1215, but I've been going through a slump, and my actual rating is 1090, which is much more reflective of my abilities right now.  In a section of players rated between 1200 and 1700, I had no chance.  Sure enough, I lost all three of the games I played, and only earned a point because I got a bye in one round.  Here are my games (ignore the times; that's just from entering them in the computer):

Round 1:

Round 2:

In Round 3, surprise, surprise, I got a bye.  So I played the little girl who had a bye in the unrated section.  She obviously didn't know very much about chess, so it was a sad win...

Round 4:

This last one was so bad I just don't even want to think about it.  Hanging rooks and such.  Sigh...I'm hoping my head gets back in the game soon!

And here's a little "prequel."  They had started the first round before the pairing snafu, and my opponent and I continued with the game until we had to quit.  I think I was doing better in that one than any of the others.  Perhaps I used up all my mental energy on it.  Here it is:


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    my friend won that section you played in and the games you posted show good efforts but havent looked through all of them yet so i'll get back to you.

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