Something is rotten

Nov 26, 2011, 12:34 PM |

I was better at chess two weeks ago, than I am now. I don't know what's happening, but certainly things are not going in the right direction. I'm losing almost every game I play, and my Tactics Trainer rating has gone downhill quite a bit too. 

My lowest TT rating ever was 1023, on 27 August. From here it went up to 1566 in less than two months (53 days to be exact). That's at a rate of more than 300 points monthly. But since 27 August, when my rating reached it's peak, it's gone down, down, down. Right now it's at 1316. That's exactly 250 points down, in just 38 days, at a rate of -200 points monthly. Not a good sign. 

If I want to look at this in a bright light, I can say that my rating is now 293 points higher than on 27 August, which is 91 days ago. This means that my TT rating has increased 97 points monthly since then. That's almost 1200 points in a year, if it continues, even with momentary downturns. 

But, I don't think the last 38 days is "just a momentary downturn". I think something is more than rotten in the state of Denmark. The question is what

Addendum (a note to self): I just did 25 more TT problems, and solved all but 3, reaching a rating of 1424. My current pass rate is 61.4 %. I will aim at increasing this, rather than increasing my rating. I expect the rating to follow, sooner or later. First goal: a pass rate of 70 %. This will take a long time, since I've already tried 4083 problems. If I can do 25 problems, and fail only 3, it will take approximately another 2000 problems before my pass rate has reached 70 %. With about 25 problems daily, this goal should be within sight in close to 3 months.