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Chess will be child's play 20 years from now

Chess will be child's play 20 years from now

May 30, 2014, 9:40 AM 0

20 years from now you will find 5 year old grandmasters and probably even Magnus being beaten every other tournament. Yes! that's right the world will reach a stage where intelligence will soar in every human being and as a result the game of chess will vanish into the history books. The future children will laugh about how people in the past would ponder over positions in a chess game which for them would be just child's play. Einsteins would take over the planet and we would be having Aliens coming and visiting us and playing their version of chess with us. It would be called "Xeroma." They would come and play "xeroma" with us instead of chess.

Magnus Carlsen would transform himself to a super human being and the aliens would be surprised with his unqiue cognitive abilities and take him to their universe. The Aliens would come to our planet searching for the human with the most intelligence and destroy the rest. They would make Magnus mate with other Aliens so as to produce Alien babies with the highest intelligence in the universe.


Lol!! I'm drunk! :P ... I wish I could continue but I feel too sleepy! :D :P

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