initial progress working with a coach

Dec 14, 2015, 7:37 PM |

This is so preliminary it's probably only of interest to future me.

I've been doing my assignments as instructed for a couple of weeks now and have met online with coach Julian twice.

Daily work is primarily tactical study, self review of my own games, and special topics suited to me personally.

When we meet, the primary focus so far is based around my own recent games and fundamental principles addressing my weaknesses.

Looking at detailed stats, my performance appears to be improving at a predictable rate so far. My tactical rating is currently increasing at a rate of about 100 points per week on a site featuring untimed tactical problems.

Because my overwhelming interest is correspondence chess, evidence of performance improvement in game results should take much longer to show itself. My games can take days and weeks to complete.

I feel more confidence at the board already, and less stress over poor performance. Even when I play poorly, it's an opportunity to learn.