my flexible study plan... for now

Nov 13, 2015, 7:07 PM |

I watch the occasional chess video, but when it comes to chess I think I learn more readily by playing through instruction.

When I was in high school, this meant playing through The Complete Chessplayer by Fred Reinfeld on a board in my bedroom. Years later I played through a course by Josh Waitzkin on the Xbox and a few more books & boards.

Now it's Chess Mentor, Tactics Trainer, and playing through computer analysis of my finished games here on the site & on my android.

And I have several correspondence-paced games going at a time. When I first started back, I resigned a few of them too early before realizing that I needed to go down fighting if only for the practice.

To my surprise, I have managed to win or draw a few games after concluding that they were already lost. I guess at my low level, it doesn't pay to assume your opponent won't also blunder. But even if they don't, I need to cultivate a "play to win" frame of mind that must've gotten away from me at some point.

So for now I'm going to study & play enough to get a sense for my level & then try to level up a bit from there. My main study focus is on tactics & reading the board, along with anything else that catches my interest.