things to consider before making a move

Nov 14, 2015, 7:41 AM |

At my level (currently around 1000 rating), I make a few to several blunders and numerous mistakes & inaccuracies per game according to post-game computer analysis.

Maybe I can reduce all that by looking for some or all of the following before making a move:

  • unprotected pieces & pawns
  • threats on both sides
  • where each piece can go on the next turn or two

This all seems a little obvious when I write it out, but I obviously don't do this with any consistency during actual games.

In a game I won last night after several days of interesting play, I hung my queen, which my opponent failed to capture, and I then failed to capture the attacking piece. And this was in a 3 days/move game, so one of us should have done the right thing at some point in that sequence of moves.

So hopefully I can pay better attention.