A Lost Half Point

NM coolthing
Apr 28, 2013, 1:42 PM |

Draws are 1 of the 3 results of a game. Some draws, though, are made by blunders, and it doesn't happen only by beginners. Even amateurs fall into this "trap" and so it's not foolproof!

I played Black in the following OTB game and I had only 1 second left on my clock, which means I have to make all my moves in the delay 5 seconds. It's not easy!






















I marched my King to h8 and any move except the move my 1800 opponent made(which was g6???)would win. I don't know why, but he told me after the game that he wasn't thinking! Probably his impulsive instinct tipped him off(I was playing at true blitz speed). It must've been painful for him, because he *touched* the pawn, then let it go. Due to the 'touch move' rule, he MUST play g6???.

 Perpetual check is a good way to draw, and it's painful for the side that's ahead. Like this:


And now try to solve this puzzle.
























See you later, and wait for next time's show!