Checkmate Tips #1: Doubled Rooks

Hi guys! Today let's look at a checkmate that might help with similar positions.

Here it is:







The answer is 1.Bg5+ Kg8 2.Rh8+! Nxh8 3.Bh7#.

Just looking at that diagram, which piece and which square is making it impossible to mate? The knight and the square h8 is making it impossible to mate.

But knowing that there are 2 rooks on the h-file, it means that even if you sacrifice one, the other will still be defending  the h-file.

Sacrificing one of the rooks can force the knight to h8, allowing checkmate because the king is then stuck at g8.

Bye and wait for my next post Smile!


  • 4 months ago


    What if the Black king takes the White Bishop on g7?

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