Checkmate Tips #3: Pawn Structure

NM coolthing
Mar 21, 2012, 1:41 PM |

Hi again! Today we are going to see what happens if you're pawns are "messed up".

The pawn structure is important  no matter if you are in the opening, middlegame or endgame. The opponent can easily attack if you're pawn structure is ruined. Take White in this position...







1.Bxh6 is easily winning. For if 1. ...  gxh6 2.Rg3+ Kh8 3.Qxh6 Rg8 4.Qf6+ mates. Also note that if 2. ... Kf8, then 3.Qxh6 is checkmate. And if Black doesn't take the bishop, White would be a piece up. Also note the following position...







Do not play 1.0-0 because Black can play 1. ... Bxf3! not only destroying White's pawn structure but also winning a pawn after 2.gxf3 Bxh2+.

Getting a bad pawn structure in the endgame is bad too. Take this following position.