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How to stalemate yourself

Dec 17, 2012, 1:35 PM 7

Hi, guys!

 Today, let's see what happens when you are in a losing position. The best you could possibly get is a draw(yes, I know there are exceptions). But how to get one? Either playing 50 consecutive moves that are not pawn moves or taking a piece(which are not likely), accepting a draw by your opponent(which is not likely), or offering a draw and your opponent accepts it(which is not likely).

However, couldn't you get stalemated too? Yes you can!

The problem is how you get stalemated.

First, you move your king into a place where it cannot move. Then sacrifice all your other pieces in a manner where they must be taken. Then, BOOM! You're stalemated!

An example of this procedure is this diagram.


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