ok how am I going to improve

Jun 12, 2013, 7:30 PM |

Firstly i am 50 years old and want to prove i am start enought and dedicated enough to become a Chess Master at 2200 rating.

Mainly i wll remove errors such as blunders and mistakes from my games, that will get me to 1600 rating easy, (check out the aww-rats chess.com info).

My weapons will be mainly the Scotch Game and Caro-Kann/Slav, but i am going to mess around with Scandaniavian/ 1...,g6 + 1..., Nc6 + Catalan and 1. b3 Nimzowitsch Larsen. This is a lifetime of learning for anyone average even today in the information age.

Given i have Chess Mentor, Books, Tactics, middle game, Strategy, endgame and Real life i plan on measuring my chess time for maximum returns.

Mainly i plan on playing 9 to 12 online games over long time frames, this gives me a very few games to make of high quality, in Chess Quanity is not a bonus, Quality games is more important.

Then in my Real Life spare time i will read and study and focus only on what i need to learn and review my games to find out what mistakes i am making, over time i will improve and get closer to becoming a thinking chess player.

Plus chess will give me all those good life skills such as memory, dedication, perserverence and all the other great personal skills to help me in real life at work and in my relationships. Thus i have a fun adventure hobby for life the only thing Chess does not give people is physical exercise now if someone could give the body a physical workout while enjoying the mental exercises of chess people would have the perfect recreational activity; except for you know what ;)