So... How can Beginners and Novices improve

May 24, 2013, 6:24 AM |

Well i am not a beginner nor a novice but i have not played in around 25 or 30 years, and back then never seriously.

> So... if your under 1000 just move the pieces, just have fun and move around so you can see how each piece moves and how you can 'connect-the-dots' by having pieces interlock,

> if your 1200 follow the 'opening' "principles"; that means move one or 2 pawns out of the way, develop a kNight and Bishop, do not formula attacks till oyur pieces "developed" & 'Castle' early !!!

> at 1400 you understand how the bits move and interact, you have an idea of what you like to do like attack a bit or stay at home in safety; you have some opening 'moves' but not an complete opening.

So how does a 1400 rated player move on? simple, forget forming an opening system; even forget reviewing your games. Thats right every one tells you to review your games, well a 1400 player is wasting their learning time reviewing their games...

A 1400 player will not learn a lot of from game reviews at this stage, they lack the commitment to really delve into chess and devote time into that review learning process. Telling a 1400 player to 'put-the-toilet-seat-back-down-afterwards' is good advice but it will not be listened to...

A 1400 player should spend more time in each game AVOIDING 'blunders' within each game by focusing on staying alive till your opponent blunders. Play less chess is probably good advice since you will not have time to review your last 6,098 games anyway; focus during your game and avoid silly mistakes and then the chess godz will gift you with a 1600 rating.

> Now the rating is creeping up a bit (1600), you are incorporating the ideas mentioned above and avoiding 'silly' mistakes. Since you are now no longer "giving away" each game its time to review your games and start looking at how you made errors [i myself am hopeless at seeing 'smothered mates', but such thinking is negative so i try and avoid negatives; but at least i realise one of my many weaknesses]. Now is the time for 1600 rated players to analyse their game errors, by review and analysis you will see common themes of how you lost games. Only an idea but probably one thing a 1600 player is doing wrong is 'switching openings' and not understanding how they all achieve the same goals but in different ways. A 1600 rated player only needs two openings; one 4 White and one 4 Black find something unpopular but solid and specialise in it; use that opening as your single weapon to a high rating, use that single opening for everything so you are attuned to its strengths and weaknesses. Sure you will lose games if someone plays 'pet' lines against you, but not everyone will know those lines and you will learn your opening better; have faith in your opening and do not switch...

> progress ideas for the 1800 rated player, LoL except for the above info; well how would i know how an 1800 rated player should progress i am only a 'lowly' 1200 rating for now...

BUT thats gonna change soon ;)