Heart of Tennessee 2010

Oct 31, 2010, 3:58 PM |

This was the second year for the Heart of Tennessee Open.  It was organized by the Rutherford County Chess Club (RCCC), and directed by the club president Robert Guthrie.  Thanks go to the Trinity Presbyterian Church for providing us a venue.  

Nearly half (19/44) competitors were Class B or higher, and it provided all the lower class players with an uphill battle.  However, many of the games were incredibly brilliant and fun to watch.  Some notable points/personal joys from the event:

* After some confusion we found out there was a FIDE Master who entered the tournament as an unrated player.  

*A poorly set clock counted up for an entire round without either player having the common sense to notice something was wrong.

*Coffee, donuts, and a three gallon bowl of candy.  Anyone who makes it to tournaments should know the RCCC knows how to take care of it's competitors!

*I watched a guy draw a game in a Queen+Knight+Pawns endgame after surviving over 15 minutes of play with 1 second on his clock (via 5 second increment).

I'm including two of my favorite games from the tournament here.  I lost the first shown, and won the second shown.  I apologize that a few of the last moves are excluded for each.  (One for <5 minutes on clock, and the other I plain missed a move).



The tournament finished after 9:00 PM, and the hardest part was not over.  The bravest club members stayed to restore the venue to it's original state.  The whole process took over two hours!  
The best part of the day for me was the late dinner, hosted by Robert and his wife for all the hardworking club members.  Talk about great food and a warm atmosphere! 
Great tournament, great club, great people.