My miniature in the English opening.

My miniature in the English opening.

Aug 4, 2017, 11:56 AM |
Miniatures are short chess games, that often occurs when a chess player make one or more mistakes or weak moves in the opening. These bad moves allows the opponent to start an early attack or end the game with a tactical combination. There is an interesting Blog about the definition of the word miniature on You can read it at the following link.
I want to share this miniature game played on July 16, 2017 during the last round of the annual Curacao International Chess Festival. I was tied at first place with 6 points out 8 games and I definitely wanted to win my last game to maintain that position. I did not expect a short game against my experienced opponent.
The game was a Symmetrical English (ECO A39) and started as follow.


This is a familiar variation of this opening where black wins a pawn in the exchange. According to stockfish computer, the game is evaluated equal after knight takes on e4 on the ninth move. Black is a pawn up, but on the other hand white will soon have an advantage in development. White must attack quickly while black should also try to develop his pieces fast in order to keep the balance.

In this instructive game black neglected his development just to win a pawn and then made a couple of weak moves which led to a quick ending of the game.

If for example black plays his Queen to d8, white would just take the Rook on e8. 
Earlier in the game when I attacked the Bishop on c3, black could have defended better by playing 14 .....Qf6 followed with ..... Bb7.

In closed openings the games usually tends to last longer compared to open games, but at our amateur level anything can happen. 

Fast development of pieces and King safety are very important in the opening. One should be careful before taking 'free' pawns early in the game. This game illustrates that patience is a virtue that every chess player must try to obtain.

Till next time.

CM Jimmy Izijk