An economical, political and military simulation game .

Apr 20, 2011, 9:35 AM |

  It's a game that can be played in browser like Firefox or InternetExplorer.

Like in a real life, Anno1777 has its own economy and every one can own a compagny. There are different type of compagnies and every one can be a boss. Compagnies use tools to produce raw materials or finished products like food, wine, clothes, weapons and more. You think you are not calified to manage a compagny, you can live as a citizen and work for compagnies owned by other players and get your wage.

  Owning a bank isnt impossible in Anno1777 and you can be a bank owner, banks attract money by current accounts, loans and deposits. The banks fees are set by the owner. If you think you are more qualified writing articles than managing a financial compagny, owning a magazine is for you. Magazines are another type of compagnies, they make profits selling articles and by advertising, they are also subscriptions. Reading articles increase "Wellness".  Governing your country is also available, and you can be a governor capable of changing laws, and why not? a PRESIDENT?

  You think politic isnt for you? And you are more qualified military? No problem, you can start a conflit with another country and attack it for a specific region prealably targeted for its resources. By owning a region, you became his governor and will receive taxes from it, a region can be sold.  And the best of all at last, profits can be withdrawn via paypal or wire transfer.  That means, a success in this virtual game can be a success in real life. 

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Samir Saigh