2nd Game of the season Church Stretton A vs Priorslee lions

Oct 12, 2012, 10:41 AM |

Well sometimes there are just some players that you always have trouble against no matter what you play, for me this is without doubt Trevor Brotherton having lost every single encounter. My plan was simple play to my strengths stick to opening lines I know and don't blunder, a simple plan but alas not carried out at all I changed my mind on which line to play and by move 8 I made an horrendus blunder that lost the game although I battled on the facts are that had it been a home game I would have resigned and been home for 8:30. 2 Defeats out of 2 and this one most definately was no surprize and makes a complete mockery of my rating.


Once again my entertainment came from watching what can only be described as shambles and cascade of blunders which resulted in Priorslee Lions once again sharing the spoils from what should realistically been a 4-1 defeat.

Gary White on board 5 was Rook and Bishop for Rook and 2 pawns down and his opponent firstly turned down a Rook exchange which just left the easiest of end games, but then allowed Gary to push his pawn all the way to the 6th and a forced draw with pertual check but his opponent had other ideas and walked straight into a mate and most definately an undeserved victory. That made the score 1-1 with 2 games looking drawn and down in the other. But another twist on board 3 Steve that luckily won his first of the season repeated the trick again when his opponent in a game where both players should have Queened placed his King on the wrong square which meant Steve Queened with check and his opponent would be unable to Queen 2-1 to us but unfortunately Glyn had been loosing on 2 but some how had gained an advantage as the game was reaching the end game, well up on the clock had been and looked at the games and though we were looking for a win based on the fact Gary had no real chance on 5 pushed on when in fact he could have just taken the draw, as he was forcing the play he got caught out with out of the Blue knight folk Church Strettons turn to celebrate an unlikely win 2-2.That left just Andy who had been offered a draw but at that time I made him well aware that was not exceptable (cheek considering my defeat) but with all games ending quickly and both short of time both were happy with the draw.

Church Stretton A vs Priorslee Lions

1. T Brotherton (185) 1  v W Bates (167) 0

2.S Rooney (162) 1 v G Pugh (158) 0

3.I Judd(158) 0 v S Tarr (138) 1

4.J Whittaker(144) 1/2 v A Tunks (139) 1/2

5.G Link (145) 0 v G White (126)

2.5 - 2.5 match drawn