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Church stretton V Priorslee

Mar 22, 2016, 7:46 AM 0

This was a crazy match , we needed to record a decent victory score and upon arrival and team sheet this looked an absolute certainty outgrading them easily on all boards. The games were all going that way too maybe with the exception of my own , in which i was having a real problems with issuses off the board and they were having a real effect on my play. Adrian won with ease on 1  as did Steve on board 4 ,2-0 and glyn an exchange up on 2 , I had somehow comeback from on 2 pawns down and thought I was ok and Munroe exchange and pawns up this was going to be the big score we needed surely! NO ! as I mentioned I had problems on the night and having got the winning posistion on the board I was playing for then totally missed it (even after the game I wasn't full convinced it was right but Adrian had told me it was there and yes he was right!) but I was still able to easily hold the draw 2.5-0.5 still 2 boards but then Glyn in a very blocked awkward position also took a draw ,match won 3-1 and Munroe easily winning , but alas under time pressure his opponent was playing threatening moves but nothing exceptional , doh checkmate and Munroe curse had struck again 3-2 on the night a terrible score that now means we not only need a Church stretton win against Newport highly unlikely, but we also need to thrash Telepost again unlikely . So basically our title is bound elsewhere for this year at least.


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