Condover/Churchstretton V Priorslee Lions

Dec 4, 2013, 7:00 AM |

The league is messed up at the moment ,so much so that we are not sure if we are still in a relegation dog fight or unlikely title contenders. Best think the former at the moment and get points on the board, well after our dreadful start to the season with 1 out of 4 things have turned around and have won our last 2 and found ourselves amongst a bunch of other teams one of which was our hosts for the night. a very capable side and one which we were expecting to give us real trouble.

Well all the games started Trevor minutes late as usual on board one , all the other boards pices being moved at rapid speed indeed such a speed that it was under 5 minutes into my game and i offered a draw. I assumed Steve had rejected it on the grounds that he was going to expose one of my weaknesses boring me to death which would have been a fair plan , its  something I struggle with so have to accept that it makes sense for opponents to take advantage. However after the game he admitted he just failed to hear me offer it. After it was rejected I just assumed that anything I played would be ok and went to have a look at the other games, all of which were being played very aggressively and stand in George on 5 was playing like a GM his position was surely winning after just a short time. Unfortubately I was having another issue to deal with in my game I was in pain and having to walk around for long periods of time to try and concentrate on my game, so much so that Steve was 20 minutes up on the clock at one point and he had just come up with a double edged aggressive move at least it was a chance to make the game slightly interesting, knowing the state I was in, I decided go down this route at least if it was going to lose it would be over quickly. Mean while on one of my walks Jim on board 4 was starting to get a very strong position against Graham and on 3 Glyn was having a real bust up, but looking good as his king was castled and his opponent was getting no time to castle his king. 

I returned to my game and Steve had decided to take the more aggressive line. I was blitzing my moves while I was at the board but really struggling.

George was first to finish an outstanding win and very well deserved to put us 1-0 lots of attacking chess going on, but it was a while before the next result and it was mine, Steve had gone down a line that while interesting and winning him the exchange offered me play, he had over looked me playing a quick pawn push and running the risk of me having a protected pawn on e2, to stop this he was forced to give the exchange back and be a pawn down. while he was solving this problem I had a cunning plan to trap a piece , a plan which I was fortunate to carry out. It was at this point that I had a meeting of minds with Jim and Glyn and told them I was suffering and I may offer another draw even though a piece up. Glyn was sympathetic saying it was upto me while Jim was typically play on, with plenty of time on the clock I was going to play on knowing that even if I played it badly I could probably offer a draw at any point. It was proving hard to concentrate at the board but was sure how I was to play the ending and was happy to blitz my moves out it was more of a case how long would Steve take over his moves. With my plan carried out I finally got the chance to take rooks off the board which would leave me 4 pawns and a knight against 4 pawns a very easy win and Steve resigned. 2-0 up and looking good on all the other boards I decided to withdraw from the match room for about 20 minutes and was joined by Glyn who stated we've won the match he had exposed the uncastled king and won on 3, he said Adrian and Jim were both winning , well we were all watching jims game at this point and whispering about a sacrafice which we felt would be winning but Jim did'nt play it and his position seemed to flip around to favour Graham, while this was going on Trevor who had been showing his signs of pressure suddenly smiled he had got out of jail Adrian had blundered a piece and Trevor under a minute had offered a draw, maybe if match position was different Adrian would have been tempted to win on time but took the draw. Graham on 4 having seen the end on 1 was quick to follow suit and offered a draw too which again was taken. After we did demonstrate it was a winning sacrafice but Jim said he considered it but couldn't see it , something we all struggle with. A very pleasing result which keeps us in with a shout of a title challenge but still needing to make sure we don't get in trouble at the bottom of the table.

[Date "2013.12.03"]
[White "S Rooney"]
[Black "W Bates"]

(Result 0-1)
[Event "Condover/Church Stretton"]
[WhiteElo "162"]
[BlackElo "168"]

T Brotherton (191) 0.5 A Zdanowski (169)0.5

S Rooney (162) 0 W Bates (168) 1

M Bukojemski (ug) 0 G Pugh (159) 1

G shepherd (146) 0.5 J O'Neil (158) 0.5

K Wakefield (ug prev 154) 0 G Viszokai (127) 1