Cox Trophy Newport A v Priorslee Lions

May 15, 2013, 10:55 AM |

Well the truth is I wasn't going to blog this match as it was obviously a disappionting affair, the draw certainly wasn't kind to us , having finished 3rd from bottom of the table we were pitted against the newly crowned champions. This competition is a 4 board match which actually made the task even more unlikely of a win for us.

But ever confident/delusional we went with the thought we would win. Then the good news Glyn told us Newports likely line up, still stronger on paper than us but short of 2 top players we definately would stand a chance if me or Glyn could play to our potential. Well that would have to be Glyn because I had one of those nights when I baffled myself with how rubbish I opened the game and left my opponent wondering what was going on. I don't think even Nick could believe the how bad I can play but it's always being a problem but some nights it's embarassing when playing someone of real ability and Nick is certainly in that bracket.

With everyone aware of my terrible opeining position the pressure was all on the other boards in my opion the toughest game was on board 2 a really tight match between Glyn and our explayer Nathaneal aka "Judas lol" know that will make him smile. I must admit I had this down as a banker for us but early signs suggested it would be a long drawn out game and thats what it was proving to be. Both board 3 and 4 were proving to be wild games with pawns being thrust forward all over the board, 3 was the more sensible game but favouring Tony and on 4 Gary had gone the exchange down but not as bad as that sounds as he had a very active bishop pair and a Knight wreaking havoc. Back to my game I had some how managed to get what I thought was a good position. well playable at least which in itself was amazing really because I had my King on f7 after just 7 terrible moves and playing Nick constantly one of the top players in the county. For a change all the games were lasting for a fair amount of time but it was me that was first to finish and with the result that seemed destined early on .I lost during my game I suffered serious chess blindness one minute playing shocking then playing half decent then back to rubbish again in the end walking my king into trap that would either lose a piece or get mated.1-0 Newport but my game was never going to be the one that decided the tie as resuts were going as we had predicted.Then came the most obvious of results a draw on 3 Tony is a class player but always seems happy with a draw and tonight was no exception, he will be a sad loss if he does decide not to play again because of club nights. Then came Gary's result his bishops and knight had teased a mistake out of chris and he levelled the match 1.5-1.5 that left just Glyn at this point looking a draw at best and that would mean Newport won the match but ever hopeful Nathanael no matter how well he was playing would sneek in a blunder alas it was Glyn that was to do that and one that left on lookers shocked as he enabed Nathanael a second Queen on the board and nothing Glyn could do but lose, but he played on as though the plan was sound, but the mate has been spotted and Glyn resigned as the moves were played out. Both me and Nick were a little disappointed that Glyn didn't give Nathanael the mating move but maybe was just one of those instant reaction and no disrespect meant beside I think the result was the all important thing.

Cox trophy

Newport A v Priorslee Lions

N Rutter (200) 1 W Bates (165) 0

N Paul(165) 1 G Pugh  (161) 0

T Holdford (152)0.5  S Tarr (147) 0.5

C Lewis (136) 0 G White (141) 1